Important Phone Numbers


Report a Sexual Assault

SASS/SANE to Report a Sexual Assault 1-866-750-6474



Dial 9-1-1



Adult Protective Services 1-866-654-3219

Bayard Police Department 1-575-537-3312

Catron County Sheriff’s Department 1-575-533-6222

Central Dispatch 1-575-388-8840

Children Youth & Families Department 1-575-538-2945

CYFD to Report Child Abuse and Neglect in NM 1-855-333-7233  or #SAFE

Deming Police Department 1-575-546-3011

District Attorney’s Office: Deming 1-575-546-6526

District Attorney’s Office: Silver City 1-575-388-1941

DV/SA Legal Aid Help Line 1-877-974-3400

El Refugio Inc. 1-575-538-2125

Gila Regional Medical Center ER 1-575-538-4050

Grant County Sheriff’s Department 1-575-574-0100

Healing House Inc. 1-575-546-6539

Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department 1-575-542-3833

Hurley Police Department 1-575-537-3220

La Pinon 1-575-526-3437

Lordsburg Police Department 1-575-542-3505

Luna County Sheriff’s Department 1-575-546-2655

SANE non-emergency 1-575-388-4251

Santa Clara Police Department 1-575-537-5464

SASS/SANE to Report a Sexual Assault 1-866-750-6474

Silver City Police Department 1-575-538-3723

Statewide Central Intake (SCI) 1-800-750-6474

WNMU Police Department 1-575-538-6231